The cabinet SOFICCO created 30 years ago is in the service of averages and small companies; groups of companies or subsidiaries of big international groups.

His missions articulate around three values:

The cabinet SOFICCO intervenes on all the legal structures: INDIVIDUAL COMPANY, EIRL, SARL, EURL, SAS, SASU, SCI, SNC, SCP, SCM, SELARL, ASSOCIATIONS.

The cabinet SOFICCO is situated in the district near "champs Elysées" in 16 Avenue Franklin Roosevelt 75008 PARIS.

Specialist of small and medium-sized enterprises for 30 years, the cabinet SOFICCO also intervenes with the big international groups in various industrial sectors, of Trade and Financial services.

The variety and range of our services go from traditional accounting, of accounting and auditing assignments to other more specialized services as the request of our customers:

The cabinet SOFICCO resects a business ethics appropriate to the profession of the chartered accountant which is very rigorous. His independence allows to lead its mission with integrity and objectivity. He acts within the framework of the law and of the ethics which impose him the professional secrecy.

This obligation guarantees to the customer a total confidentiality.